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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: November 2016 – February 2018
Size: 100,000 SF
Customer: Grandin Properties
Architect: Denis L. Back

HGC renovated the 100,000 square foot, seven-story Strietmann Center, which is now Cincinnati’s most modern office building owned by Grandin Properties – located in Over-the-Rhine at 235 W. 12th Street. The 7th floor is a contemporary conference space complete with a full kitchen and outdoor rooftop terrace with panoramic views. Floors 2-6 contain 70,000 square feet of class A office space. Floor 1 is about 15,000 square feet of street-level restaurant and retail space. The lower level includes locker rooms, showers, and bike storage. The entire building is designed with high ceilings, exposed brick, and filled with natural light.

Grandin invested in 121 rooftop solar panels used to offset electricity needs for lighting, heating, and air conditioning. These solar panels will produce enough energy to produce about the same amount of energy needed to power five single-family homes annually. Grandin Properties is the first commercial company in Cincinnati to install this type of system. Through the use of solar and other energy efficient design, The Strietmann Center obtained LEED Silver certification.

This project received the 2017 Cincinnati Preservation Association Rehabilitation Award.

The lobby of a renovated building. Exposed brick walls and aged wooden ceilings show the building's history, but two brad-new elevators are at the far wall, and two grand chandeliers hang from the ceilings.
A potential conference room with dark wood paneling, renovated from an historic factory. The far wall features built-in cabinetry, and the top row of paneling has been replaced with glass to let light pour through the building. The ceiling is painted white and features crown molding. The floors are a dark wood to match the panels on the walls.
A very clean and chic modern kitchen. The walls, ceilings, counters, lighting, and cabinets are all very white. Lots of windows let in cool light. Six tall blue chairs are at the bar. A shelf over the sing holds rustic knick knacks and a colorful painting.
A large, modern, corporate gathering space. The far right wall holds two bright red bookshelves and a sitting area. A second sitting area is to the right, with an angular pale gray sofa, two bright red chairs, and two ornately carved wooden chairs painted silvery gray. An extremely long conference table lines the far right wall, with rolling desk chairs tucked in. Most of the floor is hardwood, except for the kitchen area in the far left corner, which has a cement floor. There are two large windows in the kitchen, and almost everything is white, including walls, ceilings, exposed duct work, and columns.
A vibrant, modern sitting area. The far wall holds a small fireplace tucked into a white painted brick wall, with bright red floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on either side. Two high-backed arm chairs in a soft sky blue sit to either side of the fireplace. A long, gray sofa faces the camera. Two throw pillows sit in the middle of the couch. Two ornately carved chairs, which were painted gray in this renovation, are on either side of the sofa. Two coffee tables are in the center, with a bellhop bell and some pamphlets. A decoratively patterned blue rug is under the couch and carved chairs.
Potential office space in a newly renovated building, originally an historic factory. Painted all white, a hallway runs along the window-filled exterior wall to the right. To the left is a room, framed by glass walls to let in the natural light. Double doors face the camera, as the hallway continues left off camera.
A renovated but unfinished space in a large historic building, a former factory. The far wall and left wall are lined with large windows. Steel columns cross the middle of the room. Ceiling beams are exposed, but painted a clean white.
Interior area of a recently renovated historic building. Formerly a factory, the space is now ready for occupancy. This two-level loft space features high ceilings with windows near the ceiling. An upper floor can be seen to the left, with a half wall leaving the space open to the lower floor to the right. The space is white, the floors are bare plywood for now. Pipes and duct work are exposed at the ceiling, but painted white.
The rooftop deck of a building, with two square electric fire pits surrounded by bench seating. The entrance to the roof top is in the background, a cement structure with new, tall windows and a glass door. A view of a city beyond the railing to the left. Blue skies peek through a cottony layer of clouds.
Rows of solar panels on the roof of a building in downtown Cincinnati.
The exterior of a large former factory renovated to potential office space. It is the South-facing side, and the street level has been converted to potential retail spaces. There are large windows for storefront displays, and double-door entrances with arched windows and ornate stone work. The street level is painted entirely white. The upper five stories are brick painted a deep slate blue, with all decorative stone work around the windows painted white. There is a small sixth story that allows entry to a rooftop deck, the railing of which can be seen. It is a sunny day with clear blue sky.
A low aerial view of the Strietmann Center, with the skyline of Cincinnati in the distance. A large, historic building at the corner of a mid-sized city intersection. The building is brick, painted a dark blue-gray, except for the street-level. At the street level, the South side has lots of windows and storefront entrances is painted white, while the East side has having smaller windows and only one entrance is the blue-gray painted brick. There are six stories, each with lots of windows. The windows have white stone above it. The sky is pale blue, with the cool light of sunrise illuminating the East-facing wall of the building.

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