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Proud History - Bright Future

HGC builds complex projects quickly and accurately. We achieve this through accelerated, risk averse, custom-engineered solutions that breathe life into our clients’ dreams.

We deliver heightened communication, outstanding service, and acute attention to detail, and exceptional transparency. Our commitment to you never ends. We stand behind our work and get the job done right every time. Doing so has been part of HGC’s culture for almost a century. We build the backdrop where memories are made and beginnings are born. We promise to deliver an outcome that blows you away, until we build again.

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Our Values & Commitments

At HGC, we believe businesses have a responsibility to help their clients, employees and communities thrive. As a longtime member of the business community, HGC has enjoyed many opportunities for success with the support of our employees, friends, neighbors and business partners. Our team is committed to using its resources to continue to Build Every Day.

Every Day, We Build with Purpose

We work hard and never cut corners.

Every Day, We Build with Creativity

We dream big and problem solve in innovative ways.

Every Day, We Build Together

We support one another and know that the sum is greater than the parts.

Every Day, We Build Ourselves

We constantly strive to grow and improve.

Every Day, We Build Lasting Relationships

We always go the extra mile for our clients and colleagues.

Every Day, We Build With Humility

We act with modesty and think of others first.

Every Day, We Build Our Community

We give of ourselves and strive to leave the world a better place.


If you have a vision for your career, HGC is the place for you.

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