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Tire Discounters home officeLocation: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: February 2020 – February 2021
Customer: Tire Discounters
Architect and/or Engineer:  SHP

This project is a comprehensive renovation to a downtown building. Originally constructed in 1919, HGC converted the building into the new Tire Discounters Home Office. The 6-story existing building became six floors of office space for one end user.

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Scope included all new window replacement and a full exterior envelope repairs. A pinnacle feature of the project was a brand new grand staircase. The teams cut a new stairwell in the center of the building from the first floor to the sixth. The vision was to connect the company across floors and across teams.

A stunning staircase connects this modern office space, too.

The final design incorporated a mix of closed offices, conference spaces, huddle spaces, as well as open office concepts. The project included finishes to capture a more industrial aesthetic, including polished concrete floors, steel counter tops, painted OSB panels, exposed masonry walls. This balances with more modern finishes like aluminum modular walls, carpeting and acoustic panels.

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One other impressive feature is the five-story logo painted on the backside of the elevator shaft. The logo is visible from the street, illuminated brilliantly from dusk to dawn.

exterior historic downtown office building
exterior of historic facade for Tire Discounters new office
interior main lobby of Tire Discounters Home Office
grand staircase
interior convertible office space
interior convertible office space
Tire Discounters home office
interior main are of Tire Discounters home office
gathering space in corporate office
kitchen area in corporate office
collaborative work space
main lobby of office
exterior of Tire Discounters Home Office at dusk

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