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Standing on the shoulders of giants

HGC’s collaborative spirit is exemplified through all of our leadership. The story begins in 1931 with Richard Huseman, and continues to this day with his intense commitment to quality and service still inspiring our culture.

Richard Huseman’s passion and ingenuity proved contagious. Now, nearly a century later, HGC continues to impact our environment and community, as we bring our clients’ dreams to life.

Team Members

portait of Adam Kuehne

Adam Kuehne

President of HGC Construction

As President, Adam is responsible for the oversight and ultimate success of every project. Both methodical and inventive, Kuehne skillfully adds value from the outset, rounding out intellect with experience, and delivering outstanding results to our clients.

All Project Teams report to Adam. Because of this, he is able to instill best practices and identify talent, while continually tracking and controlling construction costs throughout the lifespan of each project. Since joining HGC more than a decade ago, Adam has climbed the ranks and represents the incredible momentum and great opportunities that HGC has to offer.

Bill Steimer

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Bill acts as the all-seeing eye of costs and expenditures. He is responsible for HGC’s financial and administrative capabilities, including insurance and bonding. He has more than twenty years of experience.

Steimer brought his financial analysis, accounting, risk management and treasury skills to HGC in 2019, and has already achieved renown for being a stringent steward of both our company’s and clients’ money. With a degree in Accounting from the University of Kentucky and his CCIFP, Bill is passionate about our mission to Build Every Day. He will be building spreadsheets and budgets—but it’s what he loves to do!

Bobby Smyth Vice President of Field Operations of HGC

Robert Smyth

Vice President, Field Workforce

As the leader of Field Operations, the buck stops with Bobby Smyth. His time in the Marine Corps, along with his 38 plus years of experience with HGC, combine to make Smyth who he is today.

Tasked with maintaining our high standards for innovation, quality, and efficiency in the field, Smyth is literally around every corner. A born leader, his commitment to both our clients and to the field is vigorous. He sets the standard for passion and accountability across every department at HGC.

Ali Hubbard

Vice President, Business Development and Strategy

HGC’s clients are the main characters in every story. We strive to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships. As our Opportunity Leader, Ali brings a fresh perspective and wealth of experience to her role. She operates as a solid project partner in the emerging era of true authenticity.

With an intense focus on our clients and a Master of Architecture degree, Hubbard is able to provide many valuable insights throughout the lifespan of the project, while forging strong relationships with individuals that extend far into the future.

Bill Burke

Senior Safety Director

At HGC, we embrace safety as a way of life and incorporate it into everything we do. Bill Burke oversees our acclaimed Safety Team tasked with vigorously safeguarding our employees and providing best-in-class guidance and support to each jobsite and individual.

Burke strives to ensure that each circumstance and every environment meets our established safety standards. In doing so he plays a major role in maintaining our OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) status.

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