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Long before it was considered a catch-phrase or best practice, HGC practiced sustainability. Our founder Richard Huseman preserved materials discarded from one project to use whenever possible on another. This helped control costs for the company and clients.

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HGC’s Cincinnati headquarters sets an example to other businesses looking for energy and cost savings through sustainability. In renovating our offices, we re-purposed discarded materials to create a stunning, award-winning environment.  We have LEED-certified experts in-house who know how to discover creative solutions to deliver a green final product that fits the client’s budget. Our experience in achieving sustainability encompasses a variety of markets, from commercial buildings to schools, zoos to apartment complexes, storage facilities to luxury hotels. We believe that building for the future makes the world a better place.

HGC Construction has provided preconstruction and construction services for more than 100 projects receiving LEED certification or other recognition of their green achievements. Some examples include:

  • Walnut Hills High School – LEED Silver Certified
  • College Hill Fundamental Academy – LEED Silver Certified
  • University of Cincinnati – Morgens Hall – LEED Silver Certified
  • Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites – LEED Silver Registered
  • LADD – LEED Silver Certified
  • emersion Designs – LEED Platinum Certified
  • CZBG | Harold C. Schott Education Center – LEED Silver Certified
  • CZBG | Historic Vine Street Pavilion – LEED Platinum Certified
  • CZBG | Transit Pavilion – LEED Gold Certified
  • CZBG | Pavilion – LEED Gold Certified
  • CZBG | Gift Shop – LEED Gold Certified
  • CZBG | Shipping & Receiving Center – LEED Silver Certified
  • CZBG | Africa, Phase III – LEED Gold Certified
  • CZBG | Hippo Cove – LEED Platinum Certified
  • CZBG | Gorilla World – LEED Platinum Certified
  • CZBG | Basecamp Cafe – LEED Gold Certified
  • CZBG | African Painted Dog – LBC Petal Certified
  • CZBG | Night Hunters – LEED Gold Certified
  • CZBG | Cat Canyon – LEED Gold Certified
  • Lofts of Mottainai – LEED Silver Certified
  • The Strietmann Center – LEED Silver Certified
  • Mercer Commons Phase II – Energy Star Certified
  • Avondale Town Center North Building – LEED Silver Certified
  • Avondale Town Center South Building – LEED Gold Certified
  • Box Self Storage – LEED Silver Certified
  • Maple Knoll Coventry Court Villas – LEED Platinum
  • Kinley Hotel – LEED Silver

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At HGC we believe the difference between a good project and a great one is in its execution.

Waste Not, Want Not

"A no-waste approach reflects our roots. Our heritage and Midwestern values establish a solid foundation for the green revolution. We have built on that foundation. We have acquired strong technical training and on-the-job experience in green construction. In this revolutionary time, that—and honest hard work—has been the catalyst for HGC’s success."

- Mike Huseman , CEO , Huseman Group

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