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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: 1 year
Customer:  Baldwin Apartments
Size: 250,000 SF
Architect: PDT Architects

Originally built in the early 1920s as the home of the Baldwin Co., this building housed 2,000 employees who made 11,000 pianos in the first five years of operation. After Baldwin left in 1961, it remained vacant until 1987, when Corporex Cos. redeveloped it into office space. The scale, size, and features of The Baldwin are visually dominating whether driving along Gilbert Avenue from downtown, leaving Eden Park, or simply passing by on I-71. The prominent clock tower, rounded-arch openings, 13 foot ceilings, and expansive windows throughout the building illuminate the remarkable design, rich history, and vivid vision of the past.

Saving the building eliminated thousands of pounds of demolition waste, conserved land and ensured that the history of The Baldwin was not only retained but became a thriving part of the Walnut Hills community again. This repurposed, modernized and reimagined building with unmatched views of the downtown skyline and Eden Park make for a truly unique residential space for those who love extraordinary urban living.

HGC, along with the Project Team had to overcome numerous obstacles on a renovation of this magnitude. The fact that this building received state and federal historic tax credits added several levels of additional design and construction scrutiny from many of the trades. In addition, lobby & basement redesigns posed some unique challenges. Due to different interpretations of the codes, the renovation of the existing lobby space to connect the basement to the 1st floor was delayed. The existing construction had the 1st & 2nd floors connected via an open atrium in the main lobby. The new design called for a stair opening to be cut in the 1st floor slab to connect the basement entry with the main lobby, however, the connection to the 2nd floor had to be closed off.

In the end, HGC delivered a breathtaking new Baldwin Building. The restored structure is vibrant and brimming with life, making both Walnut Hills and Cincinnati shine a little brighter.

Baldwin Apartments Lobby Entrance
Baldwin Apartments Bedroom
Baldwin Apartments Living Room and Bar
Baldwin Apartments Living Room
Baldwin Apartments Bedroom and Laundry
Baldwin Apartments Kitchen
Baldwin Apartments Kitchen and Bar
Baldwin Apartments Living Room
Baldwin Apartments Exterior

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