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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: July 2008- April 2009
Customer: B2B Equities / 3CDC / NorthPointe Group
Size: 12,448 SF
Architect: Wichman Gunther Architects
Awards: LEED Silver Certified Condominium

HGC Construction took the Japanese expression “mottainai” which means “too valuable to waste” to heart when it built the Lofts of Mottainai located in Over-the-Rhine. The Lofts revitalized two historic buildings that had been vacant and run down for many years, proving that sustainable renovation can be done without destroying historic structures. HGC used the existing structures, sustainable materials, and energy efficient engineering to build the first LEED Silver Certified Condominium in Over-the-Rhine. The historic buildings were connected with shared stairwells and corridors, and were converted into eight loft condos. This project became a model for how older buildings can be brought back to life. This included the use of existing utility infrastructures; wood framing from walls reused in new wall systems; wood joists reused for new floor framing and stair head-off locations; and brick reused for masonry repair throughout the structure. The flooring is patterned cork and bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable material and cork is a 100 percent renewable resource.

Green elements include: reuse of reclaimed brick; reuse of reclaimed wood joists; bamboo and cork flooring; energy star appliances, HVAC units and exhaust fans; dual flush toilets; low flow showers; a construction waste recycling program; drought-tolerant plantings; and compact fluorescent lighting throughout.

Lofts of Mottainai interior kitchen
Lofts of Mottainai interior open living space
Lofts of Mottainai interior living room with large windows and city view
Lofts of Mottainai kitchen

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