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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Customer:  3CDC
Construction Schedule:January 2019 – December 2019
Size: 32,000 SF
Architect: GBBN

HGC collaborated with long-time partner 3CDC on this 32,000 SF historic renovation. The Columbia Building is a historic building at the corner of 13th and Walnut. The area has already seen a large amount of redevelopment led by 3CDC, and the completion of this critical corner only further energizes the vibrant neighborhood. The final result is 36 apartment units with street-level commercial space.

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Due to the scope of the project, the building was split into phases: the North Building and South Building. Both buildings were separated by different stairwells. This allowed the teams to complete units moving from top floor to bottom floor, and work their way out the stairwell.

The logistics were challenging due to the constrained urban site and limited lay down area. HGC utilized the basement for the office and staging area. The four commercial spaces on the ground level became storage and lay down area for the duration of the project. These spaces were the last to be finished. The South Building was finished first and delivered to tenants, while work was completed on the North Building about two months later.

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The units received new flooring by overlaying the existing sub-floor with new 3/4″ T&G plywood. Then they installed new flooring including carpet, tile, hardwood to resilient. Sidewalks required replacement, and crews removed and replaced the roof, gutters, and downspouts.

Other scope included:

  • New fire alarm and fire suppression system
  • New electrical service and all new wiring throughout
  • New mechanical (HVAC) and plumbing systems

The HGC Self-Perform team completed a large amount of scope, including:

  • Rough framing
  • Finish carpentry (including stair treads, spindles and railing replacement)
  • Doors, frames, hardware
  • Exterior wood framing construction and MDO paneling/ trim
  • Ornamental fence work
  • Interior metal hand rails
  • Exterior metal swing gates

What is Self-Perform?

The project team worked hard to preserve the historic character of the building. Elements such as the masonry facade, fire escapes, decorative columns, interior stairway finishes, and exterior cornice and corbels were all refurbished to historic condition. Exterior windows and doors were also replaced to meet historic criteria.

The final project seamlessly combines comfort and style, using modern amenities and historic charm to create an ideal built environment.

exterior of Columbia Flats
historic detail of Columbia Flats
modern kitchen unit in Columbia Flats
modern bathroom unit, white tile
tile detailing on window frame
interior of residential unit
Two historic windows in Columbia Flats
modern kitchen unit
historic stair railing in Columbia Flats
exterior of Columbia Flats
exterior of Columbia Flats

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