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A few months ago at HGC, while planning our Autumn 2019 Newsletter, we took a look across our job list.

We always pride ourselves on staying busy, but recently we noticed an interesting trend. We noticed that we were building on many prominent intersections.

The Columbia Flats Project at 13th and Walnut in OTR.
Avondale Town Center at Rockdale and Reading in Avondale.
The Ingalls Building at 4th and Vine, in downtown Cincinnati.
The Jewelers Exchange Building at 7th and Race in downtown Cincinnati.
Novel Coworking in the Hooper Building at 4th and Elm in downtown Cincinnati.
Christ Church Cathedral at 4th and Sycamore in downtown Cincinnati.
Saatchi and Saatchi XI in The Strietmann Center in downtown Cincinnati.

This trend made us reflect: At HGC, we don’t cut corners. We build them.

Years ago, we observed the behaviors of our employees and identified our core company values. We saw incredible values at work, including “Improve the Process,” “Be Resourceful,” “Exercise Good Judgment,” and “Be a Straight Shooter.” These values are what inspire us to Build Every Day, and to build with integrity.

I hope to connect with you soon and talk about shared values. Meanwhile, enjoy reading our Autumn 2019 Newsletter.


Mike Huseman
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