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Aerial view of Columbia BuildingRenovations have been underway since January at the historic Columbia Building in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine. HGC is working with long-time partner 3CDC on the 32,000 SF building at the corner of 13th and Walnut. The area has already seen a large amount of redevelopment led by 3CDC, and the completion of this critical corner will only further energize the vibrant neighborhood.

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Due to the scope of the project, the building was split into phases: the North Building and South Building. The HGC team anticipates delivering the South building in early September, ready for tenants, and then delivering the North building about 1 to 1.5 months later. Work is progressing rapidly. The South Building has finished a large amount of drywall, painting, window demolition, setting door frames, and floor installation. Drywall on the 4th floor of the North Building was recently completed. The first-floor commercial spaces in both buildings have begun their MEP rough-ins. In the next few weeks, teams expect to complete:

  • Installing cabinets and setting plumbing fixtures in the South Building.
  • Drywall, painting, floors, and trim in the lower floors of both buildings.
  • Door installations and window installation
  • Box gutter replacements

The final result will be 36 apartment units and street-level commercial space.