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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: February 2013 – December 2014
Cost: $4,300,000
Customer:  Lower Price Hill Community School
Architect: Brashear Bolton

HGC is working with the Lower Price Hill Community School on strategic space management, renovation planning, and construction. The school focuses on removing barriers and providing opportunities for low-income students to achieve their GED, take college preparatory classes and helps with long-term career placement. This is done through community outreach, in-house teaching volunteers, and partnerships with Cincinnati State Community College.

The campus consists of three buildings: the primary school building, St. Michael’s Church and the rectory. All three buildings are on the State Historic Register, which has allowed the school the potential to take advantage of state historic tax credits to help fund the renovations and additions.

Lower Price Hill Community School staircase
Lower Price Hill Community School interior
Lower Price Hill Community School interior
Stained glass windows
Interior of former cathedral converted to community school.
Interior. Playroom with children's toys.
Exterior of school entrance, with stone framing.
Exterior of brown brick building with concrete entrance ramp.

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