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20 years have gone by fast since myself and Bobby Smyth acquired the company from my father. We’re now in our 91st year as a company and I think we’re on a great path forward with a lot of continued growth ahead. It was my grandfather’s motto to always “do it right,” and that includes having the right people in leadership.

With that said, I’m extremely excited to share that Adam Kuehne and Ali Hubbard are new shareholders in Huseman Group. Since they came aboard, I have been inspired by their dedication to our clients and their commitment to everyone’s success.

This addition allows our group to continue to grow and expand strategically, I’m excited about where we’re headed. We’ve been building everyday since 1931. We have a proud history and very bright future!

We look forward to this new chapter in our company’s esteemed legacy.

portrait of Mike Huseman

Mike Huseman
Huseman Group