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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2021

HGC Group of Companies is Now Huseman Group 

Cincinnati, Ohio – In order to build a better organization and create greater clarity for its clients and employees, HGC Group of Companies is now Huseman Group.

Huseman Group logo

The ‘H’ in HGC has always stood for Huseman – dubbed for its founder, Richard J. Huseman who created the company in 1931.  In fact, R.J. Huseman was the company’s name when many of its current employees first joined the company, only changing to HGC Construction in 1985.

“We’ve outgrown the name HGC Group of Companies. It was initially created as we worked to understand our shared identity and culture. We did so not long after SSRG and Stanton Millworks first spun off from HGC Construction. Rebranding as Huseman Group allows us to build a stronger foundation from which to accelerate our success as we market each of the businesses moving forward,” stated Mike Huseman.

“As the Group continues to grow safely and profitability into new markets and services, the name Huseman Group helps alleviate the confusion that often arises between HGC Group and HGC Construction. Now, as we head down the Huseman Group path, every person, every business that is in our group can be reminded of a guy who during the Great Depression started out with some tools, a truck, a tremendous amount of grit, determination, and most importantly, the integrity to provide for his family and build a highly respected company,” Huseman added.

Today Huseman Group consists of Structural Systems Repair Group (SSRG), HGC Construction, Stewart Iron Works, Trade31, Boldcastle, and Stanton Millworks.

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