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HGC Construction, GBBN, HEAPY, and Taft Museum of Art gathered on Friday, July 30 to celebrate the groundbreaking of the museum’s large rehabilitation project.

Taft Museum of Art groundbreaking

The Taft Museum of Art is a National Historic Landmark built in 1820. It began as a private family residence. It became a museum in 1932 and holds an extensive fine art collection. The rehabilitation project will replace outdated HVAC/sprinkler systems and improve the exterior enclosures. All this will better protect the priceless art.

HGC has already completed smaller projects with the Taft Museum of Art. 

Exterior work requires protection from the weather. But this is an art museum. Rather than employ vast expanses of blank canopy as the protective barrier, the team invested in custom-printed protective tarps displaying the architectural drawing elevations.

HGC makes it a habit of beautifying their construction sites…

This exterior work is vital because of the tight air control required to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels. Over the years, the current structure has developed widespread water penetration. The scope of work involves removing all siding and windows, stabilizing the base wood structure, installing appropriate installation, and then reapplying the exterior siding with a moisture resistant barrier.