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exterior of Xavier University Alumni CenterAs the summer presses on, so does renovation work at the Xavier University Alumni Center. This historic Art Deco building lived a previous life as a Coca Cola bottling and distribution plant for 44 years. Then, in 1981, Richard Rosenthal purchased the building. Rosenthal was able to place the building on the National Register of Historic Places and renovate the building into a facility for his publication company, F&W Publications. In 2001, it was purchased Xavier University to be turned into what is now their Alumni Center. The building still features a beautiful John F. Holmer mural from the 1950’s, depicting the Coney Island amusement park.

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Due to the years of weathering this building has seen, it is in need of necessary renovations, particularly to the exterior. In April of 2019, HGC started the large-scale replacement and repair. The team is currently working their way across the 47,500 SF roof from the east side to the west. The roof should be coming to completion in Mid-August.

During pre-construction inspections, it was also identified that the 64 windows of the building were leaking. The decision was made to replace them new aluminum windows that match the style of the originals. The window replacement will be completed through the fall.

HGC recently completed another large-scale historic window replacement at USPS Cincinnati.

In the end, the Xavier University Alumni Center renovations will preserve this stunning Art Deco building’s precious history.