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Exterior Richard Hall at Miami University, under constructionHGC was founded on the ideals of quality and craftsmanship, so it is no wonder that we take pride in completing carpentry packages. Since September, our carpenters have been hard at work on Miami University carpentry, updating vast amounts of details in three older dorm buildings built soon after World War II. None of the buildings had received significant updates since.

The work on McCracken, Richard, and Porter Halls covers $2.5MM worth of scope. Work includes trim around bay windows, baseboards, chair rails, dormer window trim and siding, custom shower partitions, and more.

The project has called for innovation. Because of their age, few of the buildings have drawings on file. Creating accurate plans is a challenge, and some changes have to be made on-site. An example includes the installation of baseboards, which required custom notches during the installation process to make room for the wall grids. The team of 25-30 carpenters, led by Foreman James Craig and Super Greg Roach, have all navigated these details with deft and skill—everything is on track for completion in May.

The grand finale of the Miami University carpentry project will be graduation season, when this particular Quad is commonly used for photos. The architectural columns, added and replaced by our team, will make a picturesque background for proud graduates.

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Exterior MacCracken Hall at Miami University, under construction