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At our Group of Companies, we make every effort to develop our employees both personally and professionally. We want everyone that works here to have the opportunity to become a better person as well as better off financially through training and career advancement paths. We strive to enrich their lives and make the world better – be it their world, our world of that of our clients.

We excel at executing complex projects quickly and accurately, which takes custom-engineered solutions and talented Team Members to deliver. With labor shortages continuing to grow we are doubling down on education and training.

We are seeing the results. In the past year, we’ve graduated 50 employees from our Leadership Academy. HGC’s Hands-On Skills Training is bringing new people into the industry and providing the skills to enhance their lives. We are happy to share what we we’ve learned thus far through our programs.

Contact me and we’ll line up a time to meet and debrief.


Mike Huseman – President


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