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Renovations on the Cincinnati Zoo’s Gorilla World are Almost Complete

While the Cincinnati Zoo’s new indoor gorilla exhibit opened to the public this past December, our work on this project still isn’t done yet. Our team is currently working to improve the exhibit even further before summer and the zoo’s busy season arrives. This includes adding more shade to make the glare on the glass less visible, giving you an even clearer view of the gorillas, along with other improvements.

Our work on the first phase of the new Gorilla World focused on their outdoor habitat and debuted in June of 2017. Modifications included increased land space, a more energy-efficient stream and waterfall, rolling hills, and an improved space for the colobus monkeys. The behind the scenes expansion includes modern living areas for the gorillas providing them with more spatial variety.

“What most people don’t know is that in the gorillas living areas are over thirty unseen mind engaging enrichment activities such as a tree swing, a honey dipper, and groping boxes where they can feel for items such as grapes” says Greg Speidel, Senior Project Manager with HGC.

Phase 2, the indoor exhibit, is filled with naturalistic settings with plenty of daylight, large interactive spaces, and promotes healthy interaction among family members. It also gives zoo visitors the opportunity to view and engage with the gorillas year round. The exhibit has floor to ceiling glass that is 3 ½ inches thick and the design mirrors their natural habitat and has hidden areas for food. Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, says this is the most complex area ever built.

If you haven’t visited the new exhibits yet, you’ll definitely want to plan a visit soon. Just watch out for the 420 lb. silver back gorilla, Jomo, who loves to give visitors a scare by hitting the glass.