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Saatchi & Saatchi X Office

Interior Saatchi & Saatchi X offices [1]Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule:  December 2018 – June 2019
Customer: Saatchi & Saatchi X [2]
Architect and/or Engineer: TDA Design [3]
HGC Role: General Contractor

When international marketing firm Saatchi & Saatchi X announced they would be moving into the top floor of the newly renovated Strietmann Center [4], it made sense to use the very construction firm that completed the Strietmann’s award-winning renovation [5]—HGC Construction.

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Preparing the sixth floor for its new tenants involved customizing the full 8,000 SF sixth floor to fit the needs of this high-tech firm. Scope included the construction of 3 conference rooms, 2 huddle spaces, 1 office, a wellness room, 1 new bathroom, a kitchen, a pantry, secure entry vestibule, and 4,500 SF of open office space.  Utilizing glass wall partitions and sliding glass barn doors helped maintain sight lines while still limiting aesthetic disruption of the building’s historic structure. Only 44 SF of ceiling was installed in the entire space, meaning the rest remained exposed existing wood and concrete ceilings. The secure entry vestibule was especially important to the client, as Saatchi places the privacy of their clients as a top priority.

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The company is growing rapidly, and they soon decided to lease the 14,000 SF fifth floor as well. Pleased with the quality of the sixth floor, they selected to continue working with HGC for the second fit-out. The fifth floor included construction of 2 conference rooms, 4 huddle rooms, 2 “phone booth” single-occupant rooms, another wellness room, kitchen, pantry, secure elevator vestibule, 415 SF storage room, and 10,056 SF of open office space. 3,940 SF of the open office has a ceiling height of 21 feet, giving the space an expansive open-air quality. Similar to 6th floor, glass wall partitions and sliding glass barn doors were installed to maintain clear sight lines and limit disruption to the historic space.  Saatchi selected track-mounted acoustic panels as a way to separate spaces while avoiding permanent partitions. The wellness room features the only 75 SF  of installed ceiling in the space, once again leaving the rest of the office able to enjoy the historic Strietmann building in its authentic style.