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Summit Country Day School Addition

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: May 2015 – August 2015
Customer: Summit Country Day School
Architect and/or Engineer: SHP Leading Design
Size: 11,000 SF

This fast-tracked 11-week Summit Country Day School Addition project not only adds back space that was lost in the 2004 collapse, it also creates space on the first and second floors of the existing west wing for a state-of-the-art science lab as well as renovations to the existing science lab, administrative offices and health clinic in the middle school. The five-story, 11,000 square foot addition to the east wing of the main building provides a large library reading room, additional classroom space, and art studio and business offices.

This type of addition and renovation would typically take over a year to complete, however, to avoid overlapping with the students and ensuring their safety, HGC Construction had to get creative and discover a way to complete the work over one summer. Early planning started with the architect, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers to allow the construction team to deliver the project within the Summit Country Day School’s budget and timeline.

The fastest way to get the Summit Country Day School Addition built required close coordination with Gates Precast in order to make 96 pre-cast wall and floor panels. This approach allowed the team to assemble the pieces and complete the shell of the addition in just under five-weeks.

This project also included renovations to the west and east wings of the school. In the west wing, the science classrooms were completely gutted and renovated and include new labs, new casework and upgrades to the HVAC system. In addition, HGC installed structural steel in their auditorium in preparation for future work in the space. East wing renovations included new plaster and HVAC upgrades and minor renovations of office space and modifications to the art room.

summit country day school addition process
summit country day school addition exterior
summit country day school addition complete
summit country day school addition exterior lift
summit country day school addition crane lift
summit country day school exterior

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