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Location: Newport. KY
Schedule: 3 months
Customer: Newport Aquarium
Size: 5,000 SF
Architect: GBBN

What an experience to work at Newport Aquarium on the new Stingray Hideaway addition. The project had a strict timeline and the project was able to be completed ahead of time in a short 3 months. The pool itself holds 17,000 gallons of water. The exhibit features a couple interesting viewing features for their audience. Viewers can get an inside look with the underwater viewing tunnel. This tunnel then leads to an overlooking cylinder tube where you feel as though you are in the pool alongside the stingrays. Throughout the pool there are acrylic viewing panels as well as epoxy waterproofing.

Newport Aquarium sting ray tank
Newport Aquarium sting ray tank
Close up of sting ray at Newport Aquarium
Top view of sting ray tank at Newport Aquarium

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