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Short Vine Apartments

interior of new Short Vine apartments [1]Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: October 2020 – August 2021
Customer: Uptown Rental Properties [2]
Architect and/or Engineer: m+a Architects [3]

This new construction of two separate apartment buildings occurred in the heart of an urban collegiate district called Short Vine. The project consisted of two properties, identified by their address: 2600 and 2630.

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In order to construct building 2630, teams demolished two existing buildings on the property. These buildings touched two neighboring active bars, requiring careful excavation. Unstable foundations on the neighboring existing buildings required repair before the new construction could begin. The final new construction is a five-story wood framed apartment building. It contains 25 units each with four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, four walk-in closets, equipped laundry and porch—a perfect housing option for students. The building qualifies for LEED Gold Certification.

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The site at 2600 is a busy corner lot. Teams cleared the vacant property in preparation of construction, only to find old foundations that needed to be removed first. The final product is a four-story multi-family with first-floor restaurant space. The building features eight units, each with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, four walk-in closets, and more. This building qualifies for LEED Silver Certification.