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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: March 2022
Customer: Seven Hills Middle School
Architect and/or Engineer: SHP

The Seven Hills School is a PreK–12 private school in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was established in 1974 with roots dating back to 1906 and operates on two campuses: Hillsdale and Doherty. SHP, along with HGC Construction as the general contractor, collaborated on this project which included a building addition and renovations to support the growing student population. The existing building was over 31 years old and was constructed when enrollment was 160 students. Now with a student body of 255, the building required upgrades.

The design supports the exploratory approach to learning that The Seven Hills School is known for. It places each grade strategically on similar floors. It also creates common gathering spaces for each grade, supporting the “community within a community” concept.

“Our middle school community will be an identifiable and defined area that has its own needs and supports. This is the home where our students can learn, mature, grow, and have fun in a supportive manner that ensures they are safe and happy in an inviting and inclusive place.”

– Bill Waskowitz, Head of Middle School

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The scope of the Seven Hills Middle School renovation and addition involved rebuilding half of the building, and then upgrading the other part of the 40,000 SF building. This included 18 new classrooms, including an innovation lab and three science rooms – one with flume installation for ventilation. Other areas that were involved were offices, a teachers lounge, and restrooms. Huseman Group company Trade31 assisted with replacing most of the windows, existing doors, and all the hardware. The exterior of the 2-story edition was built to replicate the rest of the school building to be consistent and seamless.

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In this fast-tracked project, HGC took all safety precautions to keep foot traffic away from the construction site by providing trailers for the displaced classrooms, erecting safety fences around the perimeter, and coordinating schedules around pick-up and drop-off times at the school.

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