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Location: West Chester, OH
Schedule: November 2012 – July 2013
Customer:  SentriLock LLC
Size: 40,000 SF
Architect: GBBN Architects, Inc.

One-story 40,000 SF conversion of a tilt-up warehouse into a corporate headquarters with an open concept plan while using ceiling height to maximize outdoor light into the space. The plan included a kitchen & dining space, a call center, executive office suites, fitness facility with shower rooms, training and conference, research & development, light assembly & repair. The common space, including a café and kitchen featured a green wall, skylights, Big Ass Fans, banquets and private hoteling stations.

SentriLock Office
SentriLock Bar and Kitchen
SentriLock West Chester Office
SentriLock Conference Room
SentriLock Office
SentriLock Office Cubicles
SentriLock Gym
SentriLock Office Desk
SentriLock Office Spaces
SentriLock Lobby Area
SentriLock Lobby Tables
SentriLock Office Lobby
SentriLock Lobby Plants
SentriLock Welcome Desk

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