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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: June 2006 – September 2007
Cost: $2,000,000
Size: 30,000 SF
Architect: MSA Architects

This two-story addition known as Rockdale Pavilion compliments the current chapel and office wing of the Rockdale Temple. The ground level includes a multi-purpose social hall that seats up to 100 at tables or 150+ in theater seating. The hall has the capability to be divided into smaller areas and opens onto an outdoor patio area. The complex received a new and unique entryway which glows at night thanks to specialty lighting. Outside, the entryway is home to a memorial garden which recognizes those who have donated to the Biblical Garden. The upper level of the facility is comprised of an open, atrium-style mezzanine overlooking the ground level below, and is home to the Rockdale Library.

Lounge at Rockdale Temple. A seating area with a dark brown sofa and arm chairs around a coffee table is to the left. To the right are bright purple stackable chairs in rows. Int he back is a small kitchenette with a sink, a few cabinets, and a teal bar extending out from the far wall, the same color teal as the bar and counter. Six purple stackable tall chairs line the bar, three on either side.
A meeting space at Rockdale Temple. One wall is full of windows. A large staircase is against the wall of windows and leads up to a second floor The room contains long brown tables with many wooden chairs with light green padded backs and dark green padded seats.
The exterior of the main entrance to Rockdale Temple. The building is brown brick. The roof of the foyer is a eye-catching U shape, sloping down to the door, then curving back up as it extends out to cover the outdoor entry way. The foyer is all glass. Large cement bollards line the curb, painted beige. To the right is a large sculpture of figures playing instruments surrounded by a small garden of shrubs. Trees and plants are in the background.
A new common space at Rockdale Temple. Chairs are tucked into counter along the wall of a work space. One wall features a glass section, allowing those in the work space to see into the foyer. Just past the glass section can be seen a stained glass window featuring Hebrew script is on display in a case and hanging on the wall.
The updated kitchen for Rockdale Temple. A six-burner, stainless steel stove is center, and to the right is a holding cabinet. Lots of stainless steel counters can be seen.

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