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Exterior of Pilot Chemical additionLocation: Middletown, OH
Customer:  Pilot Chemical
Size: 2,000 SF
Architect: Process Plus

Pilot Chemical is a global specialty chemical company. HGC Construction was enlisted to build a new addition to their chemical lab. The addition was built to hold a new research and development lab for the growing company.

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Scope included:

  • Site work, excavating and pouring footings, and 2,000 SF concrete slab
  • Structural steel frame with insulated metal panels. 60 panels, 4” thick, 42 wide, 17-18’ tall. Self-performed by HGC crew
  • Structurally sloping roof
  • Epoxy-coating applied to slab
  • HVAC installation

Scope that was particularly unique to the project due to the technical demands of the research lab included:

  • LEL detector installation on duct work
  • 135 LF of trench drainage within the concrete slab
  • 18’x30’ block fire wall separating existing structure from the new addition
  • Plumbing installation, including eye washing stations
  • Instant water heaters with explosion ratings

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The project was adjacent to the only at-grade entrance to the plant so our crew worked closely with Pilot to keep the entrance open. This way, deliveries could continue uninterrupted, including the constant movement of forklifts in and out. Another logistic complication included a plant-wide shut-down at the end of June. The HGC crew scheduled work and deliveries around this shut-down with no delay to the project progress.

Finally, due to the highly confidential nature of Pilot Chemical’s proprietary products, site security was a prime concern for the Client. The HGC team met every morning with Pilot safety representatives to go over daily assignments and clear the schedule and logistics with all stakeholders.

Exterior of Pilot Chemical addition
Exterior of Pilot Chemical addition
Interior of Pilot Chemical research lab addition
Interior of Pilot Chemical research lab addition
Exterior of Pilot Chemical addition
Exterior of Pilot Chemical addition

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