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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: June 2018 – August 2018
Cost: $1,400,000
Size: 160,000 SF
SHP Leading Design

In preparation for the opening of the new Mercy McAuley High School, renovations to transform the campus into a new school, while also honoring the right legacy of Mercy education had to be completed.

Exterior enhancements include the front lawn becoming the new school’s Honor Plaza, an entrance symbolic of McAuley’s and Mother of Mercy’s histories of providing education in Cincinnati. A fountain stands at the top, with an encircling ring of stairs wrapping the plaza. In the back of the building, the rear entrance was completely re-asphalted and enhanced with additional lighting and landscaping improvements, creating a welcoming presence. Both parking lots in the back and front were patched, resealed, and re-striped.

Interior enhancements include installing a new legacy center, which serves as a gathering place for students to study or socialize. The auditorium underwent several renovations including painting and cleaning. The gymnasium was also painted and redone to reflect the school’s new branding, colors, and mascot.

A school gymnasium. The wolf mascot is painted on the center of the court in gray, white and orange. The mascot image is also painted on the wall, with
An historic three-paneled stained glass window on display in a school lobby. The stained glass depicts the Mother Mary in the center, holding the baby Jesus, with an angel on either side. The school lobby is well-lit, with an overall cool gray coloring, and a chair outside of the office entrance. The chair is upholstered in red and yellow striped fabric. There are two potted plants in the lobby.
A circular stone and cement plaza in the foreground, surrounded by new landscaping. A statue of a robed woman is on either side of the circle. In the background is the front window-covered facade of a large school in an architecture style common to the 1960s and a large stained glass window above the lobby. Three cars are parked on the road that divides the plaza from the entry to the school. It is a sunny day with blue sky and puffy white and clouds.
A grassy expanse of lawn, with an American flag centered in the distance. In the foreground is a decorative stone placed within the landscaping. Two cement sidewalks stretch onward toward the flag and the street beyond. Houses are in the distance beyond the flag, and the sky is blue with light gray clouds to the right side of the sky.

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