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Mayerson JCC pool Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: July 2021 – September 2021
Customer: Mayerson JCC of Cincinnati
Architect and/or Engineer: Fishbeck

The Mayerson JCC Aquatics Center features a 12,000 SF indoor waterpark with separate pools for swim lessons, water aerobics, and swimming laps, as well as an outdoor pool. HGC was hired to replace aging and undersized pool equipment and freshen up the facility.

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Previously installed undersized HVAC equipment in the pool room led to higher humidity, which caused rust on the structure. As part of this project, our crew installed properly-sized new equipment. Then, the facility was given a general refresh.

Additional scope of the project included:

  • Removal of the indoor/outdoor slide
  • Modifications to windows to account for removed slide
  • Tile replacement near curtain wall
  • Replacement of mechanical equipment for the pool pack, which maintains the pool environment and dehumidifies the air
  • Installation of condenser units on roof
  • Ductwork to allow for new mechanical equipment

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Because the existing tile isn’t made anymore, HGC had to work with the designer to find a way to create a tile pattern that could incorporate new tile in a thoughtful way. Our team also had to modify the existing windows in order to account for the removed slide.

HGC utilized an accelerated schedule to complete the project in time for Labor Day weekend, reducing the impact on Mayerson JCC’s operations.

Mayerson JCC pool
Mayerson JCC Pool
Mayerson JCC pool
Mayerson JCC pool
tile work at Mayerson JCC pool
exterior Mayerson JCC pool
mechanical upgrades at Mayerson JCC pool
mechanical upgrades at Mayerson JCC pool
removal of slide at Mayerson JCC pool

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