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Khora Restaurant

[1]Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: November 2018 – September 2020
Customer: Vision Hospitality Group [2]
Architect: Campo Architects [3]

As part of the comprehensive renovation to the former Jeweler’s Exchange Building, HGC completed a tenant fit-out for Khora [4], one of the most highly-anticipated restaurants of 2020. Both Vogue and Food and Wine placed this destination on their respective lists of most-anticipated American restaurants.

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Khora is located on the first floor of The Kinley, the new luxury boutique hotel that came out of the extensive renovation project. The space is bright and modern, featuring high ceilings, light oak, and abundant natural light. building’s original terrazzo flooring has been restored, preserving a touch of the building’s legacy. This aesthetic pairs well with the menu, which describes itself as offering modern twists on classic Midwest fare.

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The restaurant itself is collaboration of Korean-American chef Edward Lee, who came to Cincinnati by way of Brooklyn and Louisville, and Kevin Ashworth, a Cincinnatian. Ashworth has been an executive chef at one of Lee’s restaurants, and now the two embark on this partnership which has received rave reviews. The menu has been a hit, with reservations being consistently difficult to obtain.

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