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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: May 2017 – February 2018
Cost: $2,400,000
Customer:  Zillow Group Inc.
Architect: Platte Architecture + Design

The Dotloop expansion was executed in three phases. The first phase included constructing the 3rd floor, the second phase was the 5th floor and the final phase was the 4th floor. With each phase building upon one another, Dotloop doubled its office space with a final square footage of 24,000. This project features an intricate steel staircase that combines both the 3rd & 4th floors as well as collaboration workspaces,  a new kitchen, a game room, all new flooring and more.

Dotloop Office door opening
Dotloop Office spaces
Dotloop Office work spaces
Dotloop Office
Dotloop Office Conference Room
Dotloop Office area
Dotloop Office entrance doors
A view looking down a three-story wooden staircase with steel railings. The staircase makes a rectangular shape as it twists downward. The wood is plain-sawn white oak, laminated. Lights dangle through the center of the stairs, appearing as sparkling golden-yellow orbs.
A conference room surrounded by glass walls. The corner of the white conference table can be seen in the bottom right corner of the image. Through the glass wall can be seen a large staircase leading to a lower and an upper floor. A person in a green shirt and beige pants is walking up the stairs, blurry in the photograph. Beyond the staircase you can see a bright blue wall, with a glass section that reveals another conference room with glass walls.
A blue wall with four glass doors leading into private phone call spaces as part of a modern office space. The rooms have dark gray carpet, and each room has a chair and an outlet. The right side of the hallway has a brightly pattern carpet, which ends and begins a hard wood floor hallway. A wood beam frames the left side of the image. Fluorescent lighting hangs from a high, white ceiling.
A conference room. The room is enclosed by glass walls, but the glass has the Cincinnati skyline imprinted on it in a white-scale color scheme. The conference table is large and square, with cool gray chairs pushed in. A circular light with orange accent casing hangs from the white ceiling. A large staircase can be seen beyond the conference room walls.
A light-filled and bright and colorful modern office space, adapted in an old warehouse. The wall to the right is exposed bright with arched windows surrounded by a two-toned wooden frame. Large rectangular tables are surrounded by eight chairs colored sky blue, vivid orange, medium gray, and lime green. The left wall is plastic with white designs printed. This wall has booth seating with benches covered in graphic patterned upholstery. The center area has a wide strip of gray carpet over hard wood floors. The carpeted area has two orange arm chairs in the foreground, two gray and blue staircase-style chairs, then two more orange arm chairs facing a large circular upholstered bench. The office space extends past this common area, and there is even a kitchen in the far right corner.

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