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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: December 2015 – May 2016
Customer: Delicio LLC / The Pop Shop
Architect: Design Plus, Inc.

HGC Construction provided construction services for the University Station location of Delicio Coal Fired Pizza and Pop Shop. This location is the second restaurant for the coal-fired pizza and pop shop owner. Delicio features a variety of custom finishes from a 7,000 lb coal-fired oven to granite and quartz tables and counter tops. The interior includes a performance kitchen, full-service bar and dining room, a private dining room and the Pop Shop. The exterior includes an additional bar and lounge-style seating area.

Delicio’s interior is made up of a kitchen, dining room, bar, private dining area, and a separate pop shop. The exterior provides a bar with a 16 tap beer system, a patio seating area, and a canopy. Delicio contains a wide variety of custom features including bar shelves with LED lighting, granite and quartz tabletops and counter tops, hostess system, sliding partition door for the private dining room, a 7,000 pound coal fire oven with travertine chimney, copper accents and paneling, porcelain tile wall covering and radius pop shop counter. Stanton Millworks custom made all counter and table tops.

Delicio Pizza Front Exterior
Delicio Pizza Back Exterior
Delicio Pizza Seating
Delicio Pizza Bar
Delicio Pizza Pop Shop
Delicio Pizza
Delicio Pizza Entrance Hostess Stand
Delicio Pizza Patio

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