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court street pedestrian plazaLocation: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: October 2020 – June 2021
Customer:  3CDC
Architect: Woolpert

This infrastructure project reimagines Court Street as a more pedestrian-friendly destination.  The project widened sidewalks, removed the median, and reduced on-street parking. It also created more space for outdoor dining and other open-air events. The Court Street Pedestrian Plaza features space for a stage at the intersection of Court and Vine, as well as public art installations near the streetcar station.

The team cast the concrete roadway, parking pavements, and lay the associated brick pavers. Additionally, the south trench drain structure that spans the entirety of the city block, parking curb, and an ADA infill strip were cast—all in one month.  With this work complete by March, the public was able to begin exploring the reopened North sidewalk and roadway of Court Street.

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Following the completion of this work on one side, the same treatment began on the south sidewalk. Following demo, the team completed the installation of the tree wells, light pole foundations, and underground infrastructure. This prepares for continuation of the new concrete sidewalks with featured brick pavers.

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The Court Street Pedestrian Plaza faced severe winter weather and an occupied site, and the team successfully navigated these challenges. Open communication allowed the team to act as good neighbors, and all businesses maintained operations through the project.

Aerial view of updated Court Street
view of widened sidewalks on Court Street
court street pedestrian plaza
Decorative brick work
historic cobblestone on Court Street
HGC office site on Court Street
Increased sidewalk space for vendors
decorative brickwork on Court Street pedestrian plaza
Increased safety measures for pedestrians on Court Street
detailed brickwork on Court Street sidewalks
court street pedestrian plaza
aerial view of court street pedestrian plaza

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