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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: August – October 2013
Cost: $1,200,000
Customer: Civic Garden Center
Architect: SFA Architects

This green project converted a former SOHIO gas station into a permanent demonstration exhibit that demonstrates how natural solutions to stormwater management can reduce energy dependence and cost while adding beauty to the landscape and promoting environmental stewardship.

A 1,200 SF green roof and adjacent half-acre is a hands-on interactive teaching laboratory featuring methods of water collection and filtration, porous paver systems and sustainable building practices. The new building produces benefits such as reducing stormwater runoff, heat and air pollution, lowering energy consumption and costs, tax reductions, expanding habitat for wildlife, and beautifying the urban landscape.

Civic Garden Center plants
Civic Garden Center alternate back view
Civic Garden Center learning center
Civic Garden Center sculpture wall
Civic Garden Center
Civic Garden Center

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