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Our Lord Christ Church ExteriorLocation: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: June 2017 – August 2018
Customer: Our Lord Christ the King Church
Architect and/or Engineer: Luminaut
HGC Role: General Contractor

With three separate buildings—church, parish center, and school—the community of Our Lord Christ the King was feeling strained. As the Construction Manager, HGC created a new addition that brought the community together, physically and spiritually.

First, the team hollowed out a large hill to create more space for new structures. The approximately 47-foot-tall retaining wall necessary to maintain what was left of the hill now doubles as one of the walls of the new space. HGC also worked around regular operations of both the church and the school.

The final product created a central hub that allows people to park in the parking lot, enter the building, and remain indoors while accessing all buildings. Along the way, the parish gained new gathering spaces, conference rooms, restrooms, classrooms, and even a new cafeteria for Cardinal Pacchelli school.

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Exterior of new addition to church. Pale stone, curved glass entry lobby. Statue of Jesus in the foreground.
Large lobby of a church. Lots of natural light, neutral tones. Welcome desk to the left, seating areas in the back.
Sitting area of a church. A sofa and arm chairs line the left wall, the far wall features wood paneling and stained glass.
Lobby of a church with neutral colors and large curved glass entry to the left, and welcome desk.
Looking down on large stairwell. Modern accent light fixture adds a splash of warm color to the otherwise cool and gray space. Windows let in lots of natural light.
Exterior of the upper entrance to a church. Pale stone wales, glass foyer entrance, lots of straight lines.
Exterior of new addition to church. Pale stone, curved glass entry lobby.
Hallway leading to an elevator, and open doors on either side of the hallway. Pale tile floors of the hall, carpeted rooms.
Carpeted hallway of office area. An ajar door allows a view of a well-lit office to the left. Neutral tones, clean lines, and lots of light.
Cafeteria. Hexagon tiles of blue, orange, gray and white. Three rows of tables line the room, and three large windows along the back wall illuminate the room.
Sitting room. Carpeted, with sofa, arm chair, and small table with upholstered chairs. One window lets in a lot of natural light.
A grassy hill with a large concrete staircase.

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