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Founded by National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), we celebrate Women in Construction Week 2022 on March 7-13. NAWIC is an organization that advocates for women in the construction industry. Founded in 1953, WIC declares its mission to be “to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry.”

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Get to know the perspectives of a few of the women working with HGC and Huseman Group.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career and why?

Kristin Carson, Project Engineer (KC): Some of my most memorable experiences are driving away from a project for the last time. I can remember the final drive from nearly every project I’ve been part of. There’s a strong sense of relief and satisfaction, and there is a little disappointment that that team has disbanded. But it seems like by the time I make it home, I’ve always shifted my attention to what’s next. Then the excitement for the next project sets in.

Kristen Beckett, Operations Controller (KB): My first jobsite tour. Seeing first hand the conditions our team members are working in & how my role impacts their work created a path to better understand how I can support the team within my role, even though I wasn’t actively on-site for the work.

Ali Hubbard, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy (AH): One of the most memorable moments in my seven years with Huseman Group was getting to drive the bobcat while the courtyard was under construction. It was such a great day for our group because people were so excited to see the ugly gravel parking lot being transformed into outdoor space we could all enjoy together. There was just a buzz about the place and people were everywhere watching it happen – crowding the doorways, standing on the stairs, faces plastered against the windows. And then Paul Haverbusch hops off the bobcat and asks who wants to drive!

Morgan Sweet, Human Resources Business Partner (MS): Attending Christmas on Stanton for the first time in 2016. It’s one of those events I cannot pass up and love being a part of each year.

Rachel Hobson, Risk Manager (RH): One of the most memorable moments of my career happened when I was performing an inspection at Churchill Downs. It was interesting to see the high roller suites and the photo finish booth. However, the icing on the cake occurred when I managed to get trapped on the roof when the door locked behind us. Wandering around the roof of Churchill Downs pulling on doors to see if they were unlocked or would take the key we had was an experience to remember. Luckily, we were able to find an open door before we had to call someone with a lift to come over and rescue us.

What advice would you give to a woman entering the industry now or thinking about joining?

RH: There are so many options for a career in construction. Take your time and explore what interests you most. Is it reading plans and specifications? Is it creating something with your own hands? There are options for everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When I first started in construction I didn’t know anything. I had no problem asking the “Construction for Dummies” questions. I found most people were more than willing to take the time to educate me.

MS: Go after it! Women can take on any role in the industry. Work hard, ask questions, and continue to educate yourself.

AH: It’s not easy creating a place for yourself in this industry. We, as women, bring a unique set of skills so don’t try to hold your own by acting like everyone else. Allow your differences to be the thing that sets you apart from everyone else. Be confident and let yourself stand out.

KB: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

KC: I would advise any woman considering construction to reach out! Nearly every woman I know in this industry is invested in helping other women thrive in construction. If you’re interested, set up a coffee date or a job site tour.  You don’t have to have a previous connection – just ask!


What’s a perk about working in the construction industry that most people don’t know about?

KB: Experiencing our projects first-hand. It’s exciting to see the construction as the project is coming to life.

RH: I love being able to see behind the scenes of the buildings that we work on. It makes it fun when you go to a project after it is complete to say I have been back there. It gives a different perspective when you are out at that restaurant we built, or that hotel.

MS: Getting the opportunity to visit job sites at times it is not available to the public.

AH: Fulfilling my philanthropic interests. Since joining Huseman Group, I’ve been able to invest time in organizations that mean a lot to me and make major impact on our community.

KC:  If you know many people in the construction industry, you probably know what projects they have worked on because they’ve talked at length about those projects. We have a hard time not chatting about what we’ve been up to!  A strong sense of accomplishment comes with seeing a project take shape, and I think that is an incredibly underrated perk!

What makes you proud of your work, or working in this industry, and why?

MS: Being the first person to interact and orientate everyone that comes to work for us. It’s a pretty cool feeling knowing everyone by name when I have the opportunity to visit job sites or attend company events. Over the years you begin building relationships with these people and it feels like family.

RH: I love the tangible nature of our industry. Every day we are creating something that someone can touch or see. We create the places that people live, work and play.

KC: Although I am a huge fan of the work we produce, I am far more fond of the path we take to get there. Every piece of the built environment is a story of teamwork, and we have an amazing team – from subcontractors that work as an extension of HGC to each member of the Huseman crew to the owners we work with! Our varieties of experiences, perspectives, and thought processes produce solutions that no one member of a team could create. It’s a fun process to observe and be part of!

KB: As a member of the construction industry, our company takes part in building our community and our world.  Driving around the city or visiting a place your company has been involved with adds purpose to your work in knowing that you are making an impact.

AH: I have the privilege of getting involved at the very beginning of a project – long before we’ve won the project. I also enjoy receiving feedback on a project that is under construction or one that’s been recently completed because I think back to those very first meetings where we introduced the client to our team and told them about our capabilities. It makes me so proud to share stories of how incredibly talented our people are – and they’re true!


What do you think is the most important change currently happening in the construction industry?

AH: Increasing focus on workforce development – educating students before they enter college and explaining to them that pursuing a career in construction is an admirable choice. There are essential life skills you need to be successful in this industry that you won’t learn at college

KB: We are seeing a new wave of the workforce with a stronger female leadership presence creating pathways for others.

KC: We’ve seen a lot of change take place over the past few years due to global circumstances. This is especially true in how we work. I am excited to see people questioning ‘standard’ career paths and seeing the creativity that emerges. This shift is highlighting the strength of vocational careers; I can’t wait to see how trade careers take off now that they’re finally getting some time in the spotlight!

RH: The most important change in our industry is the move to being more diverse. Women and other minorities joining our industry is so important to our success and the continued growth of construction.

MS: Our resilient workforce. Since the pandemic, many of us have been forced to find new ways of working to ensure productivity.


What is a fun fact others may not know about you?

AH: I danced my way through the Opening Day parade as one of the flying pigs a few years ago!

KB: My husband & I recently took over the family business located in Darrtown, OH running the local grocery/deli & pizza shoppe!

MS: I was a gymnast for about 12 years. Currently, a busy mom of two. I enjoy working out and baking.

RH: I was hit by a wrecking ball when I was a child riding the bus to school. Fortunately, I was not injured, but I did get a fun ride to the hospital.

KC: I am originally from Missouri! My sports loyalties make me pretty unpopular at the office during certain times of the year!


At HGC, we work with like-minded people. We also know that diversity leads to innovation, so we encourage our team members to bring their unique perspectives and lived experiences to the table. By celebrating each other, we learn and grow stronger together.