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At HGC Construction, we pride ourselves on completing complex jobs quickly and accurately. We overcome obstacles to get the job done right—no matter what.

Lately, “no matter what” presents new challenges. Our industry faces labor and materials shortages that are not going away any time soon. Open positions abound, and many firms engage in targeted recruiting to lure talent from competing companies. Once readily available materials are no longer readily available. What was happening with wood has now moved to steel, roofing, pipe, paint, insulation and many more. Lead times have stretched from a few weeks to many months and, in some cases, close to a year.

Pull Plan meeting

Adapting and Collaborating

A 2020 year-end report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index found that 71% of contractors surveyed faced at least one material shortage. Additionally, Associated Builders and Contractors recently assessed that our industry needs to hire more than one million new workers over the next two years to keep up with demand.

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HGC’s transparency and open communication work tirelessly to keep these tumultuous trends from affecting clients. Our teams use cloud-based project management programs. Estimating, accounting, and scheduling software all interact. Not only is everyone on the same page, but real-time cost and schedule information is available at the touch of a button and at any phase of the project. Our innovative estimators have a track record for value engineering solutions that work. We are constantly tracking procurement of all items, allowing us to make recommendations to minimize or eliminate delay.

This school renovation stayed on track, ready for the first day of school. 

Preparing for the Future

Additionally, we remain dedicated to training the next generation of construction workers. We offer a fully licensed Apprenticeship Program, certified by the Ohio Valley Association for Builders and Constructors (OVABC). Participants simultaneously receive hands-on industry training and paid on-the-job experience. They leave the four-year program with Journeyman credentials. We collaborate with local schools to foster an understanding and appreciation for the construction industry. We support in-school training programs, offer scholarships, and provide job site tours to local students. These collaborations are becoming pipelines of talent into our Apprenticeship Program,

We can’t control the supply chains. We can’t control the market. What we can control is how these trends impact you. With expert planning and continuous communication, we stay true to our promise: complex jobs, quickly and accurately.

Thank you for trusting us with your vision.

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Adam Kuehne
HGC Construction