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Uptown Rental Properties and HGC are partnering on another multi-family project, this one on Oak Street. Construction of the 3,200 SF building features two spacious 4-bedroom apartments.

The property is ideal for student housing. It is located just a few blocks from the Short Vine Entertainment District, a short walk to the University of Cincinnati campus. 

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Construction began in early April of 2021 and is slated to finish in time for Fall Semester Move-In. To make this project happen in just three short months, HGC deployed its self-perform unit, Trade 31, to complete the wooden framing. The team also installed all doors and windows. Each apartment features a private bathroom for every bedroom, in-unit laundry, and the option of a porch or a balcony. 

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“Our collaborative and innovative approach at 232 Oak will pave the way for more efficient redevelopment of vacant lots across the uptown area,”  said Guilford Guthrie, Development Assistant for Uptown Rental Properties.

With just a little over a month to go at Oak Street, future partnership opportunities with Uptown are looking bright.