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This year marks the 90th anniversary of Richard Huseman having the tenacity to start a construction company in the middle of the Great Depression. After the year we’ve been through, it’s clear that his founding values of grit and perseverance carry on to this day.

Wow—90 years! My grandfather started out in 1931 with just a few hand tools and a strong desire to make a living and a name for himself. What worked back then—Hard work, Honesty, High Quality and a Handshake—is still what works today. By empowering the team members we have in place and by sticking to our values, the business will undoubtedly be around another 90.

It was not an easy year. Like everyone, there were plans we had made that are still on hold. And yet, by looking at highlights of this year’s completed projects, you can see we came through this with strength. I could not be more proud of the resiliency our company has shown.

That resiliency is most apparent in our people. We’ve always said that HGC works with like-minded people with a passion for quality. Time and time again I saw people coming together, working together, and giving their all. We would not have made it through 2020 without the dedication and passion of everyone: laborers, project managers, foremen, administration, vice presidents, carpenters, executives, and engineers. It is humbling, and we are all grateful for you.

Now, we look to the next 90 years. I am excited about the work ahead of us. We are increasing investment in our people by refreshing our internal training. We continue to tighten our processes in preparation of anticipated growth and development. We will always put people first—our employees, our partners, and our clients. We will build every day.

Enjoy our Spring Newsletter, and reach out any time.

Be well,

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