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Embedded in the DNA of HGC is the value of “We Build Our Community.” We believe that making the world better for others is a reason to exist, and the belief is amplified during the holiday season.

HGC is a proudly American company, but even in the land of the plenty, too many go hungry every day. According to Feeding America, “Twenty-one percent of children in Hamilton County are not guaranteed their next meal.” This year has been a particularly hard year for many families and their children, and generosity is needed now more than ever. During this holiday season of giving, HGC invites you to learn about a few organizations we are passionate about supporting:

Talbert House

Business Development Coordinator Sam Rossell and Marketing Manager Peggy Cook both serve on the YP Board for Talbert House, which empowers children, adults and families to live healthy, safe and productive lives. Peggy and Sam orchestrated a Thanksgiving Meal Drive within HGC, collecting full Thanksgiving “Meals-in-a-Bag” to be delivered to Walnut Hills families supported by Talbert House services. The meal kits included sides, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie mix. A total of 58 meals were delivered to families in time for the holiday.

Learn how you can be involved with the work of the Talbert House

Feed Our Flock

CEO Mike Huseman has been a Milford resident for many years and became aware of Feed Our Flock early in its inception. After learning of the food insecurity in his own neighborhood, he and his family have been avid supporters. The nonprofit states its mission to be “Helping our community by relieving poverty, facilitating access to wellness, and tending to the care of the kids of Milford.” They offer food packs for days when youth are not school, holiday stockings, and freestanding “Little Pantries.” People can support the programs through volunteering, monetary donations, and donations of food and supplies.

Learn how you can support Feed Our Flock.

Freestore Food Bank

HGC has participated in CANstruction for many years, collaborating with local architect firms to create structures out of canned foods. All canned goods are then donated to the Freestore Food Bank, the largest emergency food and services provider to children and families in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Ohio. This year, due to the March coronavirus outbreak, people could not build the whimsical designs in person. And yet, the pandemic exacerbated food insecurity and made the need for support greater than ever. HGC instead raised the funds to build the orginally planned sculpture, and donated the amount to Freestore Food Bank.

Explore ways that you can support the Freestore Food Bank

Christmas on Stanton

For more than 50 years, HGC has opened its Walnut Hills campus to the surrounding neighborhood to share holiday cheer by providing small gifts, food, and the opportunity to take a picture with Santa Clause. It is a tradition that spans generations. Neighbors bring grandchildren to enjoy the same holiday cheer they experienced as children. With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, safety must remain our priority. Instead of distributing items in person, HGC will be donating all items to a local Walnut Hills organization supporting residents. 

Learn more about Christmas on Stanton.

Wherever and however you celebrate in the coming month, we hope you experience the joy of giving. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a joyous holiday season.