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Unprecedented. Uncertain. Life-changing. New normal. Unchartered territory. What words could I use that haven’t been used already? HGC has been in business nearly 90 years, but the last few months have been indescribable.

We knew before the Governor of Ohio declared it—our work is essential. We are deeply grateful that we have been given the opportunity to continue this essential work for our clients, our partners, and our people.

I am filled with pride when I look at the projects moving forward despite the challenges and obstacles. Historic restorations in urban settings, additions to residential facilities, school expansions, office renovations, and more. We find great purpose in keeping your world growing and moving forward.

The coming months will continue to require innovation, patience, and an utmost emphasis on safety. At HGC, we have always said that safety is more than a priority, it is a fundamental value. I have never been so proud to see our values hold true under pressure. Thank you for sharing our values and working with us to ensure safe outcomes for everyone in our community.

I hope you will take the time to look over our Newsletter for Spring 2020. Thank you for building a safer future with us. Stay well.

Mike Huseman

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