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exterior of LaSalle before renovationsHGC is excited to begin renovations to LaSalle High School. A strange silver lining to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis is that empty school buildings can move construction timelines. Demolition has already begun on the campus. The scope of the project will touch the exterior and the interior of the building.

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Renovations to the exerior will include:
  • Relocating and updating electrical
  • Replacing existing windows along the east, north, and west facade.
  • Replacing the curtain wall at the secondary entrance
  • Redesigning the main entrance
  • Giving the front of the building a facelift through redesigns by architect SHP

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rendering of exterior of renovated LaSalle High School
Renovations to the interior of the building will include:
  • Replacing the existing HVAC system and lighting in all rooms on the second and third floors along the north side of the building.
  • Refinishing the second-floor classrooms
  • Additions to current offices
  • New furnishings, and interior facelifts to incorporate LaSalle’s brand and school spirit

rendering of interior of renovated LaSalle high school

The HGC team leading this project is the same team that met success on school renovations like Summit Country Day and Walnut Hills High School. The project, affectionately titled a “Summer Slam,” will be complete in time for school to reopen in the fall.