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Matt Hess leads a Leadership Academy sessionOn November 13, the third Leadership Academy class celebrated its class of graduates!  There were 20 graduates this year.  Participants varied from up-and-coming SSRG Structural Tech Matt Christman, to HGC Vice President of Operations, Adam Kuehne. The diversity in skill sets, experience, and company representation allowed for dynamic dialogue over eight months.


Group photo of Leadership Academy graduates, 2019

Leadership Academy is open to all members of The HGC Group of Companies, which is comprised of SSRG, HGC Construction, Stanton Millworks and Stewart Iron Works. The inclusion of office, field management, and trade personnel, “offers diversity of perspective within the class, and allowed each group insights into each other’s insights,” share a participant at the end of the class.

The HGC Group of Companies believes that every employee joining one of our teams wants to be great—that’s why they were hired.  The Leadership Academy is just one way to support the individual growth of team members.  The HGC-Leadership Academy (HGC-LA) is not to be taken lightly; participants take exams and must score a minimum of a “C,” or retake the exam. Participation is also key, and if members miss more than three sessions they are expected to withdraw and re-enroll in a future class.

The content covered by HGC-LA is intended to arm participants with a variety of skills to effectively lead a diverse team to successful outcomes. They include:

  • Diversity and the Changing Management Paradigm
  • Effective Communication
  • The Differences between Leadership and Management
  • Organizational Development, Change and Innovation
  • Ethics and Recognition
  • Employment Law and Interviewing Effectively
  • Documentation investigations, Corrective Action and Appraisals

Thanks to feedback from the past two sessions, this year added new modules: Public Speaking, Time Management, and Calling Productive Meetings.

Matt Hess, VP of HR, speaking at podium“Fundamentally, Leadership Academy is about giving people the tools and guidance to be the best leader they can be,” says Matt Hess, Vice President of Human Resources and Leadership Development, and the creator and instructor of Leadership Academy. “HGC Group of Companies wants to develop leaders so everyone around them can be inspired and do great work.  We want to raise the bar for our teams, our clients and one another.  Our company motto is Build Every Day,”  and we take that seriously. HGC-LA is one pathway to develop people so they can build relationships, structures, themselves, our client’s confidence, and their lives at work and home.  We know everyone has huge lives in and out of work and we want to help enrich those lives.”

We are all proud of the following graduates who have shown their commitment to not only making HGC Group of Companies the best it can be, but also pushing themselves to achieve excellence.

2019 Graduates

Justin Barth – HGC Construction Kyle Howard – SSRG
Tomas Britcher – HGC Construction Ali Hubbard – HGC Group of Companies
Matt Christman – SSRG Susan Jefferson – HGC Group of Companies
Conrad Cross – HGC Construction Adam Kuehne – HGC Construction
Kate Elliott – HGC Group of Companies Jake Maurer – HGC Construction
Kyle Flynn – HGC Construction Jacob Reeves – HGC Construction
Tom France – HGC Construction Andrew Scheitlin – SSRG
Joe Frecker – HGC Construction Mitchell Sellars – HGC Group of Companies
Travis Haehnle – HGC Construction JR Stoll – HGC Construction
Nick Harp – HGC Construction Clif Wallace – HGC Construction


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