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Cincinnati Design Awards award of HonorSycamore Commons, a part of the large-scale renovation HGC completed at Christ Church Cathedral, recently received  a Cincinnati Design Award of Honor.

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The Cincinnati Design Awards program “recognizes the best built-environment design produced by Cincinnati-area creative firms and promotes the social and economic value of good design in our community.” The Awards have three levels of recognition: Honor, Merit, and Mention. According to the organization, “Honor Award winners represent design conceived and executed at the highest levels of the profession. Fully realized and expertly crafted solutions like these make our environment more functional, beautiful, and inspiring for everyone.”

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The design partnership of Philip Markwood Architects, KZF, and Human Nature Inc. stated that, “Given the mixture of architectural styles surrounding the courtyard, it was decided that a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic would help tie the disparate elements together.” Read more about the design team’s vision.

The reinvention of Sycamore Commons transformed an area used mostly for cars into an oasis of spiritual reflection. The final product includes water features, a living wall, seasonal plants, artwork, a trellis, and a granite labyrinth laid in stone. The 12′ by 12′ living wall was one of the largest yet designed by local landscape architecture firm Human Nature, Inc.