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Since 2013, HGC has consistently been named a Top Workplace by the Enquirer. A main reason behind this 5 year run being the culture and passion for what we do. HGC takes on a wide array of projects ranging from Graeter’s Ice Cream to Gorilla Glue. These different and exciting endeavors open many doors for our employees’ imaginations thus creating such a unique environment to work in.

The workplace culture here at HGC is quite innovative and progressive. This unique mindset permeates throughout all aspects of the business including the hiring process. The goal is to find those specific types of people that will thrive in our environment and watch them grow both individually and with their coworkers.

One thing that sets HGC apart is the ability to collaborate with one another regardless of what department they are in. Everyone brings something to the table and is willing to help, making it truly a team effort from day one. The camaraderie persists outside the office doors as well by planning cookouts, sports events and volunteering.

Overall, HGC sets themselves apart by providing a one-of-a-kind experience for our employees. Through innovation and progression we will continue to provide such an environment for those we value most.

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