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Changing the Landscape and Transforming the Industry

Thanks for taking the time to check in with us and witness the exciting projects that our team members keep cranking out. We continue to amass quite the expertise and look forward to
incorporating it into your next project. We all win when we can leverage what we’ve learned along the way!

Pressing pause for a moment —

Last year, our friends at BLDG got to know us better and assembled that simple string of words, “Build Every Day” in order to describe us. In doing so, they truly hit upon what we do every day both in our workplaces, and in our personal and professional lives. We really appreciate the simplicity and are proud to live by these words each day as we continue to grow and shape the built environment.

HGC Construction is taking our unique way of building all across the country. Great clients are taking us to projects in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and beyond. Read more about what is happening with us in our spring newsletter.

Spring Newsletter HGC Construction