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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: June 2016 – April 2017
Customer:  Christ Church Cathedral
Size: 15,000 SF
Architect: Phillip Markwood Architects

HGC worked with Phillip Markwood Architects and Christ Church Cathedral to remodel the 100 year old chapel into a sanction for a new Fisk pipe organ. The design for this remodel was challenging because the organ was not on site at the time of design or construction. The project team had to work closely together to ensure all issues were resolved ahead of time and the design met the size parameters and acoustical needs for the organ. In order to restore the historic structure, there was cleaning done to the masonry, the limestone walls, and the wood ceiling.

Christ Church Cathedral Construction
Christ Church Cathedral Stained Window
Christ Church Cathedral Open Space
Christ Church Cathedral Worship Space
Christ Church Cathedral Lighting
Christ Church Cathedral Ceiling
Christ Church Cathedral Exterior
Christ Church Cathedral Outdoor Seating

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